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We offer a variety of services to our clients including

There’s no doubt that content is the currency of the web and blog posts are an integral part of web content. As a result, your business blog needs to be adorned with high-quality blog posts. This is our mandate and we promise to deliver.



If you sell products or offer digital services, you should experience the powerful effect a brilliantly crafted sales copy can have on your business. Let's help you write actionable sales copies that will effectively convert prospects into leads.


Are you planning to write an eBook or create an online course? Do you want to sell your eBook or you simply want to use it as your lead magnet? Let's help you craft a well-researched eBook of great value to your blog subscribers and/or potential buyers.


Your website doesn’t have to suffer from a drought of content if you’re too busy to write or you’re experiencing writer’s block. We will write your blog post or web page while you take the absolute credit for it. That’s why we're the professional ghosts!


If you’re looking to give your website some more exposure and also increase brand awareness, our guest blogging service will surely help you. We will help you reach out to authority blogs with the aim of landing guest posts and earning quality backlinks.


We have the ability to write highly converting landing page contents that will boost your brand image. Your main menu pages of your website are also important because they are the first point of attraction for many people seeking to know you. Let's help you create good impressions by crafting engaging content for these pages.


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What are our clients are saying about us?
Abdullahi Muhammed

Hafiz is my go-to guy for content development. He writes top-notch content filled with rare insights and actionable tips, pays attention to minute details and consistently delivers all works before deadlines. I highly recommend him.

Nazeem M.

Hafiz is so easy to work with. He is a seasoned online marketer who knows how to get you targeted traffic. Make good use of his content marketing services; you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Andrew Jones

Always a pleasure working with Hafiz. He is far the best that I have ever worked with. Looking forward to working with him again. Many thanks!

Let's Help You Optimize Your Web Content.

Brand Awareness, Online Visibility, Lead Generation, Increased Sales. All Guaranteed.

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