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I can write excellent copy that’s tailored towards your business needs and help you get results.

I have years of writing experience and I’ve produced some brilliant results for numerous clients. So if you’re looking for top-notch content or a guest posting opportunity, then I'm the man to hire.

Who Am I and Why Should You Work With Me?

My name is Hafiz Akinde. I'm an author, content marketing strategist, and lead generation copywriter.

I help entrepreneurs and corporate brands to grow their businesses with content marketing strategies that work. I do this by creating well-written web contents that drive engagement and actionable copies that convert prospects into leads.

Many of my works have been published on popular websites such as The Huffington Post, Business2community, and Tech Cocktail, among other authority websites.

With over 700 quality pieces of content written for clients from different parts of the world, you can rest assured that you'll get a world-class delivery.

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Long-form Content

There’s no doubt that content is the currency of the web and blog posts are an integral part of web content. That's why you need to supercharge your business with high-quality blog posts. With this service, I'll write well-researched, ready-to-publish content that you can easily paste into your CMS.

I can also craft long-form articles that are optimized for the search engines without distorting the natural flow of such content. My unique style of writing will make your custom-written content enjoyable to readers and also help you generate more engagement.


Your website doesn’t have to suffer from a drought of content if you’re too busy to write or you’re experiencing the writer’s block. Don't worry, I'll help you write top-notch content that you can publish on your blog or on any web page while you take all the credit.

The formula is simple: we write it, you own it. This is what a lot of businesses do to get ahead of the competition. The fact that the content will be published with your byline will not affect the quality of my work. That’s why I'm a professional ghost (writer)! I write so you do have to.

Lead Magnet

Are you planning to write an ebook, a short report, case study or white paper? Lead magnets are helpful resources and using them for your business is highly recommended. A lead magnet will not only help you grow your email  list, it also helps you pass value to your subscribers.

Let me help you craft a well-researched lead magnet that will be of great value to your subscribers and/or your potential clients. This will postition you as an industry leader, improve your business brand and help you get quality inbound traffic to your website. Don't waste time, go for it.

Guest Blogging

If you’re looking to give your website massive exposure and also increase brand awareness, then you might be interested in my guest blogging service. As a guest blogging expert, I can help you do blog outreach to authority blogs with the aim of landing guest posts (or sponsored posts) and earning quality backlinks.

I can also help you get a brand or CEO mention on the top blogs in your industry. This will definitely position you as an industry leader and will give your business a huge boost of traffic and exposure. Ultimately, the overall effort will impact positively on your turnover.

My Unique Strategy

You might have great writing skills and still fail if you lack great content strategy. You need a great content strategy to create an amazing content that will increase your blog engagement, improve your online visibility, and generate more leads for your business.

We will do keyword research and help you rank for such keywords. We will use this keyword research to improve your on-page SEO strategy which will definitely boost your chances of ranking for your desired keywords. Not only this, we will help you find the keywords that you aren't paying attention to and suggest the perfect topics that will increase your blog engagement.

I understand that every client deserves quality and result-oriented content that would supercharge their online businesses.

Therefore, once you send me the scope of your project, I'll come up with an effective strategy for an excellent and tailor-made content that you can immediately publish.

I have years of writing experience and I’ve produced some brilliant results for different clients across the world.

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What My Clients Are Saying

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Akinde is a skilled and diligent writer who's joy to work with. He writes pieces that are engaging and full of actionable tips, pays attention to details and delivers on time, every time. I can highly recommend him.

- Abdullahi Muhammed (Founder and CEO of Oxygenmat)

Hafiz wrote excellent articles to very tight deadlines. He has great communication skills and is very pleasant to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend him for other writing projects and I look forward to working with him again in future.

- Roz Andrews (Founder of RA Writers For Hire)

What else should you know?

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For enquiries, kindly send an email to hafiz[at]freelancingpro[dot]net

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