6 Important Things About Blogging That Most People Don’t Know

When blogging first started about two decades ago, many people thought it was a fad that’d fizzle out anytime soon. At that time, there were lots of misconceptions which later developed into myths because the amount of available information about blogging was grossly unsubstantial.

At that time, there were lots of misconceptions which later developed into myths because the amount of available information about blogging was grossly unsubstantial.

However, more than twenty years on, blogging has amassed a lot of attention, and the level of acceptability is insanely high. Today, there are bloggers from every part of the world; from the developed nations of the west, and far away into the Sahara.

In 2013, there were already 152,000,000 blogs on the Internet, and there are 31% more bloggers today than there were three years ago.

As a blogger, I feel obliged to also make a contribution to the subject of blogging. Although blogging as an art is so vast that it can be approached from many perspectives, I have decided to pack my random thoughts in a single article.

Perhaps it would set the records straight for the misinformed, and guide those who genuinely seek to know the correct information about it.

Here are 6 important things you should know about blogging and bloggers. Enjoy it.

1. Blogging Makes You a Better Person

Blogging is an art in a class of its own because it opens up a plethora of opportunities and exposes you to a new world of learning.

Apart from the fact that the potential of making money is unlimited, it sharpens your thinking faculty, helps you write better, and builds your confidence.

In addition, blogging helps you to influence public opinion, it boosts your creativity, it disciplines you, and it adds to your credibility. The list is almost endless.

2. Blogging Is Big Business

Contrary to the erroneous belief that blogging is nothing but a hobby or pastime, blogging is big business and bloggers earn a decent income. The online market has, in recent times, grown into a billion-dollar investment and bloggers are its major drivers.

Thus, building a career in blogging could be financially more rewarding than investing in an offline business. If in doubt, ask Pat Flynn to show you his income report for this month.

3. Blogging is a Profession

Blogging isn’t an escape route from hard work as many people would make you think. It’s only a smart way of making a living doing what you love to do.

If we define a job by the number of hours people spend on it, then we’d be right to say that blogging is about the most engaging job that exists today. The reason is that most bloggers don’t do a 9 am to 5 pm job, they work round the clock.

But then, you might argue that blogging can’t be compared to Medicine, Law, Accounting or Engineering. Personally, I think that this argument is immaterial since, through blogging, several thousands of people make a decent living.

So if we put blogging on the scale of income generation and employment of labour, we’d be justified if we conclude that blogging is one of the most underrated professions around today

4. Blogging Involves Thorough Research

If successful bloggers like Neil Patel, Brian Dean and Jon Morrow etc. decide to convert their series of blog posts, tutorials, podcasts and webinars into a book form, they’d probably have something as big as an encyclopedia.

I’m amazed how they manage to consistently churn out well-researched blog posts of several thousand words. Well, that’s why they’re called gurus.

The amount of research that goes into blog posts on popular blogs such as Quick Sprout, Kissmetrics, Boost Blog Traffic, Backlinko, Search Engine Journal etc., is exceptional. These guys would probably be Ph.D. holders if their depth of knowledge were weighed on the academic scale.

5. Blogging Is an Embodiment of Many Professions

Bloggers are teachers who teach others what they know; entrepreneurs who make a living blogging; business people who help other businesses grow; marketers who create awareness on useful products, and mentors or life coaches who inspire people to greatness.

6. Blogging Myths Are Here To Stay, Unless… We Stop Believing Them

Although blogging has been around for some time now, it is surprising to know that several blogging myths which have been long busted still fly around. I was stunned when I recently overheard some people saying things like:

You can’t be a successful blogger if you’re not an expert writer; you have to make a blog post every day to remain relevant and attract enough traffic; and that the more traffic coming to your site, the more money you’ll make.”

These are useless myths that have killed the dreams of many aspiring bloggers. Don’t let them kill yours too!


Being successful at blogging isn’t rocket science although it involves putting in a great amount of effort. To become a successful blogger, you must be passionate about it, show some level of consistency, and you must be willing to learn strategies that work from experts.

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Author: Hafiz Akinde

Hafiz is a Freelance Writer and Content Marketing Strategist. He helps entrepreneurs and corporate brands to grow their businesses with content marketing strategies that work.

4 thoughts on “6 Important Things About Blogging That Most People Don’t Know”

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    One more thing I find people surprised when I share it with them is – Anybody can blog and anyone can benefit from their own blog. Writing a blog is a commitment to thyself to channel one’s views on a certain topic in manner which can be easily understood by others. If only the whole world could blog, there would be no wars but blog comments. 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Hello. Thanks for the good advice. You’re right. Many people now like to create websites for their business or their own blogs.
    Platforms for blogs are an interesting thing. Because people have the opportunity not only to express their opinions, but also to help other people. This also applies to most sites. Provided, of course, that they are intended for people, and not created simply or for the purpose of additional earnings.
    I also have my own website, where I try to explain to students how to write essays and other college papers.

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    Hi Afeez,

    Though, I have read your publications about a number of times before now [on SmartBCamp to be precise], it’s the first time I have visited your blog.

    To start with, I’m impressed with your portfolio. For You to have someone as Abdullahi Muhammed to vouch for You goes a long way with me.

    In this your blog post, I’m glad You pointed it out to people that Blogging is not an escape route from hard work [that’s how the majority see it] and thank You for all other insights too.

    I’d really love to be in contact with You.

    I will send a message to You on Facebook to connect with You.

    PS I love how your website is well designed and responsive.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Ope,

      It’s nice to have you here. We will keep striving until we reach the promised land. Thanks for the compliments too.

      I also look forward to connecting with you.

      Do have a lovely day.

      Best regards.

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