Over the years, I have learnt to use and test-run many tools on blogging and freelancing. Some of which I used in my first blog and I’m still using. Others, I’ve discarded.

If you’re just starting out blogging, writing and/or freelancing, then these resources will help you fast track your activities and save more time.

If you’re already an expert, you should check it out too. Who knows! It might help you too.

I hope you find it extra useful.



I use and recommend Ipage web hosting to all friends. I’m the type the minimize cost as much as I can without absolutely compromising QUALITY. Ipage gives me a fully loaded hosting with FREE domain name.

I can build my site with their in-built easy-to-use site builder and they could even help me their marketing suite. Hardly will you go to Ipage without getting a discount. You could save up to 83% on a plan.

Most of all, their customer service is excellent.


I always have difficulty in choosing between Ipage and Siteground (The names were written in alphabetical order). With just a beginner price of $3.95 /month. Siteground gives you an outstanding support and site security.

With an amazing speed technology, a 1-click WordPress installer and transfer, and a special in-house designed tools for WordPress users. Siteground is just amazing.



For me, there are just two email marketing tools. MailChimp and others. Why? MailChimp enables me to start sending email almost immediately and then level up as I grow (It’s free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails each month).

I use their product on my OWN terms. I’m the boss. I strongly recommend MailChimp. The tool makes powerful email and e-commerce product that design, send and share email newsletters.

It also has a marketing automation and analytic tools for numerous applications and services.


I recommend Aweber too. Just like MailChimp, it comes with nice design templates, the email automation is great and the flexibility of using the mobile apps is fair.

You could connect to your favorite Apps like WordPress, LeadPages, and Paypal. It comes at $19 per month.



Started in 2010, Fiverr is an outsourcing company with over 250,000 users: 180, 000 freelancers and 70,000 clients. I am a double agent on Fiverr. I outsource some of my business activity on Fiverr and I also get jobs on it.

As a freelancer, you can offer your service on an hourly basis. If it’s a sizable project, you can also ask for a proposal. Guess what, the company only takes a little percentage of your pay for their marketplace maintenance.

I never knew Fiverr promotes freelancer’s work too. Actually, they do!


I use Upwork because they’ve learned over the years. Two online outsource company, oDesk and Elance merge over with 8 million registered users.

To me, this means they’re working hard to provide an excellent marketplace for freelancers. I’ve worked and recruit freelancers there and there hasn’t been a better experience.



This system makes it super ease for freelancers to get paid by the marketplace and direct clients. It is a worldwide system, and that’s why people from over 200+ countries key into it.

Once you receive your MasterCard, you can access quick, low cost and secure solution to pay and get paid globally. My best part is how I run the account as if it were my local bank account.


PayPal operates an online payment system. It doesn’t need you to present your account details to clients. Just your name and email address is enough to do the magic.

The money will be transferred to you and your cash can be procured via credit card or mobile phone. With PayPal, you can set your online payment. And also send an invoice directly to your clients.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that tracks and report website traffic. Most times, I use to split test pages.

It has a dashboard to enable users to pinpoint poorly performing pages by telling you the bounce rate, e-commerce reports such as transactions, revenue, and other website performance metrics. It also helps you trace the attitude of your audience.

Google Keyword Planner

Also, a free tool from Google. The keyword planner concentrates more on Google Keyword Tool and Adwords Traffic Estimator tool. With these tools, you can create ads campaign and new groups to help start your PPC account.

Also, you can get group idea, keywords, keyword trend, bidding, and competition. You can use the historical data or predictive data. This tool helps me make few extra bucks from advertising.

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